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“Design isn’t subjective — it’s problem-solving with a creative lens.”



Design is an intentional, ever-evolving solution to sharing the story of a brand. And a thriving brand is a testament to its strategy-driven marketing and creative reasoning. 


Having a decade of diverse, design experiences has equipped me with the tools and skills needed as an influential creative director. My expertise as a designer has allowed me to merge strategic thinking with purposeful creative ideas.

I aim to always be driven by data but motivated by the creative process; constantly encouraging my peers to push the boundaries of their design into a space where logic and imagination coexist.

I’ve cultivated a leadership style that leads humbly, teaches graciously, and thinks differently. Aspiring to develop and lead a team known for our reputation of integrity and efficiency.

- Johnnie Mack Stephens

Let's work together at not just making design beautiful but making design intentional.

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